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Managed Risk for Australian Investors

Gain exposure to equity markets seeking long term growth, with a focus on risk management strategies.

Investors can invest in funds that use an established risk management strategy that aims to reduce losses in major market downturns, while allowing cost-effective exposure to equities, and maintaining the potential for equity market returns. The strategy allows investors to gain access to franking credits from the underlying equity index fund, even though equity exposure may be reduced (hedged) during volatile times and daily liquidity allows you to access your capital quickly.

The funds use a systematic, emotion free equity hedging process, which aims to give clients the benefits that can be associated with long-term investing, with reduced volatility.

There are 3 Funds available to Australian investors:  

  • Sanlam Managed Risk Australian Share Fund - Class A
  • Sanlam Managed Risk Global Share Fund - Class A
  • Sanlam Managed Risk Multi-Index High Growth Fund - Class A

To view the Funds in more detail, please click on the link below.

Sanlam Managed Risk Funds for Australian Investors

Important Note

Colonial First State Investments Limited is the Responsible Entity for each of the funds. Sanlam has been appointed as the investment manager for each of the funds.

Each of the funds is offered by Colonial First State.

Sanlam Life Insurance is a licensed financial service provider.
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