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Sanlam Group Funds

In addition to the Sanlam Managed Risk Fund, SGIS offers a range of funds from the Sanlam Group covering global equity, equity income, global bonds and US Treasuries.

Name of Fund

Centre Active U.S. Treasury Fund

Investment objective

The Fund seeks to maximize investor’s total return through capital appreciation and current income

Principal Fund Manager

T. Kirkham Barneby

Investment Director, Active Fixed Income Strategy of the Adviser

Mr Barneby is responsible for the management of the Active U.S. Treasury Fund's portfolio. Mr. Barneby serves as Investment Director, Fixed Income of the Adviser. Prior to joining the Adviser in 2014, Mr. Barneby served as Senior Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at Hudson Canyon Investment Counselors, LLC, where he was responsible for managing private account clients in the Active Interest Rate Management strategy.

Prior to that, Mr. Barneby held the title of Chief Strategist & Portfolio Manager, Taxable Fixed Income at American Independence Financial Services. Prior to AIFS, Mr. Barneby was a Managing Member of Old Iron Hill Capital Management, LLC employing quantitatively-oriented fixed income and multi-strategy investment approaches.

Previously, he headed an investment group at UBS in New York that managed equity and bond portfolios with roughly $7 billion in assets. Mr. Barneby is a graduate of Southwest Missouri State College—now Missouri State University—with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and Economics. Subsequently, he completed all course and exam requirements for a Doctorate in Economics at Oklahoma State University. He is a National Science, NDEA and Woodrow Wilson Fellow.

Name of Fund

Sanlam FOUR Stable Global Equity Fund

Investment objective

The Fund’s objectives are to deliver attractive real returns (CPI+6%) over a business cycle, with a volatility lower than the wider global equity market and greater resilience during tough market conditions.

These goals are achieved by investing in a concentrated portfolio that is focused solely on high quality businesses that are non-capital intensive, cash generative, non-cyclical and with powerful compounding properties. Only 25-30% of the wider equity market will meet these criteria’s. These are approached with a highly disciplined approach to valuation, purchasing stocks which will allow us to achieve our objectives, whilst minimising the risk of a permanent loss of capital.

Principal Fund Manager

Colin McQueen

Senior Global Fund Manager

Colin McQueen joined Sanlam FOUR in October 2010 as a global equity fund manager. Prior to joining Sanlam FOUR, he was Managing Director and Head of Global Value Equities at Morgan Stanley Investment Management. In this role, Colin was responsible for the management of $2.0bn of global equities.

Prior to this position, Colin had been Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at UBS, where his team managed $36bn of global equities. Colin was the lead manager on $10bn. During his 16 years’ experience at UBS, he was also Portfolio Manager for US equities and Fund Manager for UK Equity and Balanced Funds where he assisted with the management of £1.1bn of assets.

Colin holds an MPhil in Economics from the University of Cambridge and is an Associate of the Institute of Investment Management and Research.

Name of Fund

Sanlam Investment Grade Bond Fund

Investment objective

  • to provide a total return for investors, through generating an attractive level of income that may be received monthly, and the potential for capital growth;
  • to invest mainly in investment grade government and corporate bonds, in the UK and overseas, including emerging markets, but also high yield securities and
  • to be actively managed, seeking to enhance returns,
  • and will therefore be positioned appropriately according to risk and return expectations across investable bond asset classes. At any time the average credit rating of the fund's holdings will be not less than BBB+ (or equivalent) ie investment grade quality.

We employ a rigorous and disciplined global investment process that is highly risk-conscious and seeks to add incremental value from a broadly-diversified portfolio of bonds. Great emphasis is placed on top-down, macro strategies and we also employ in-depth credit research on individual stocks/bonds combined with active asset and sector rotation.

We use our experience and technical knowledge of global government bonds, investment grade and high yield corporate bonds and inflation-linked bonds, within specified parameters, to add long term value for investors on a total return basis.

Principal Fund Manager

Craig Veysey

Fund Manager and Head of Fixed Income

Craig is Head of Fixed Income at Sanlam Private Wealth and is also the lead fund manager of the Sanlam Investment Grade Bond Fund. He has over 16 years investment experience, and has been responsible for directly held bond investments, including the SPW in-house bond portfolio model, since March 2009. Craig has previously managed global bond funds at both Scottish Widows Investment Partnership and WestLB Mellon Asset Management.

Name of Fund

Sanlam Private Wealth Global High Quality Fund

Investment objective

The objective of the fund is to produce compound total returns in excess of the MSCI World Index over the medium to long-term.

Principal Fund Manager

Pieter Fourie

Head of Global Equities

As Head of Global Equities, Pieter is the lead fund manager for the SPW Global High Quality Equity fund and the Clime International Equity fund having joined the firm in mid 2012. His responsibilities include the design, management and implementation of our global equity client offering including segregated mandates for high net worth individuals. Pieter oversees a team of five analysts focusing on global and UK equities across multiple industries. Current assets under management managed by the investment team in direct global and UK equity mandates is more than $0.5bn.

Name of Fund

SIM Global Equity Income Fund

Investment objective

The objective of the fund is to provide a regular and growing stream of income derived from equity dividends for investors with the potential for real growth in capital value.

Principal Fund Manager

Douw Steenekamp

Global Portfolio Manager

Douw heads up the industrial analyst team, and manages the Sanlam Global Best Ideas Fund & SIM Global Equity Income Fund.

Douw started at SIM Global in July 2011. Prior to joining SIM Global he co-founded Orthogonal Investments; a boutique asset manager managing domestic long only balanced, bond and equity mandates. He also co-managed the Nedgroup Investment Equity Fund. He spent 15 years with Old Mutual Asset Managers (now OMIGSA) where he held several research positions, including head of the industrial sector research team, before assuming responsibility for the value equity style boutique in 2002. During his tenure at OMAM, Douw was at various times the manager of the OM Global Equity fund, OM Consumer fund, OM Value fund and OM High Yield Opportunity fund unit trust portfolios, in addition to a number of institutional client portfolios.

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