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SMR Sanlam Managed Risk


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Sanlam Managed Risk

Sanlam Managed Risk is an investment strategy designed to reduce volatility and the impact of significant and sustained market declines. It also allows dynamic participation in rising markets giving investors the confidence to stay invested for the long-term.


SMR Offering



Sanlam Managed Risk Fund Managed Risk FundThe Fund provides access to global markets in the simple and cost effective UCITS IV fund structure with SMR built in., /GISBannerImages/SMR_Fund_Content_banners.jpg?RenditionID=5
Smooth Portfolios PortfoliosThe Sanlam Smooth Portfolios provide investors with global market exposure through 2 risk profiles., /GISBannerImages/Smooth Portfolios_Content_banners.jpg?RenditionID=5
SMR Select SelectSMR Select allows you to add an SMR overlay to a wide array of actively managed funds from some of the world’s leading asset managers., /GISBannerImages/Overview_Content_Banner.jpg?RenditionID=5




Behavioural Finance Sales Aid - Behavioural Finance.pdfBehavioural Finance
Best of Both Worlds Sales Aid - Best of Both Worlds.pdfBest of Both Worlds
Buy Low Sell High Sales Aid - Buy Low Sell High.pdfBuy Low Sell High
Cushioning the Downside Sales Aid - Cushioning the Downside.pdfCushioning the Downside
Enhancing Long Term Returns Sales Aid - Enhancing Long Term Returns.pdfEnhancing Long Term Returns
Proven track record Sales Aid - Proven track record.pdfProven track record
Smoother investment experience Sales Aid - Smoother investment experience.pdfSmoother investment experience



Sanlam Global Investment Plan Brochure Brochure.pdfSanlam Global Investment Plan Brochure



Market Correction - Is it Time - Market Correction - Is it Time SMR.pdfMarket Correction - Is it Time
Smooth sailing or rocky waters - Smooth sailing or rocky waters SMR.pdfSmooth sailing or rocky waters
The Elusive Efficient Frontier - The Elusive Efficient Frontier SMR.pdfThe Elusive Efficient Frontier

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