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This section details “what” Behavioural Finance is and “why” it is needed in today’s investing environment.



Key Concepts ConceptsLearn about key concepts in behavioural finance with Sanlam, including heuristics, emotional & cognitive bias & how these impact our decision making process.The key concepts/ideas in Behavioural Finance that go some way to explaining how & why we make poor decisions are the use of heuristic techniques, biases and context., /behaviouralfinance/Behavioural Finance banner library/GIS_Overview.jpg?RenditionID=5
Why is there a need for Behavioural Finance? is there a need for Behavioural Finance?Learn about the need for behavioural finance with Sanlam, how it ties in to modern economics and how emotions can negatively impact our investment decisions.The lessons of modern economics and finance or "Neoclassical economics" are really about an ideal., /behaviouralfinance/Behavioural Finance banner library/GIS_Overview.jpg?RenditionID=5

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