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Institutional UK Sanlam Global Investment Solutions


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About SGIS

SGIS provides wealth management companies and financial advisors with relevant offshore solutions for their international clients’ investment needs. Our focus is on providing capital preservation solutions designed to meet the needs of wealthy clients primarily through our open architecture investment plan domiciled in Bermuda. Currently managing and administrating investment solutions with over US$ 1.5 billion of assets across the globe, SGIS is a key international business of the Sanlam Group.

Sanlam Global Investment Plan

The Sanlam Global Investment Plan was developed to help investors get the most from their investments by giving them choice.

It provides investors with an opportunity to invest their capital in a wide array of well-constructed and competitively-priced investment options, including:

  • Active and passive funds from some of the world’s leading asset managers
  • Model Portfolio Service
  • Sanlam Managed Risk (SMR) strategy


Introduction to the Sanlam Managed Risk Strategy

Sanlam Managed Risk is an investment strategy designed to reduce volatility and the impact of significant and sustained market declines. It also allows dynamic participation in rising markets giving investors the confidence to stay invested for the long-term.

Watch the 2 videos below for an introduction to the strategy and to gain a further, more detailed insight as to how they work.

Download the SMR App

To help explain the concept of SMR, we have created an App. It illustrates the effect that SMR can have on a single equity investment or on a diversified portfolio of assets (including equity, fixed income, property and cash).



SMR UCITS Fund 100% Managed by Artificial Intelligence ARTICLE - FT ADVISER - Sanlam fund is now managed by AI 0717.pdfSMR UCITS Fund 100% Managed by Artificial Intelligence2017-07-30T22:00:00Z
World First - Balanced Fund Run by AI: Sanlam Managed Risk Fund ARTICLE - RISK AFRICA - Sanlam announces the first ever Balanced UCITS Fund managed solely by AI 0717.pdfWorld First - Balanced Fund Run by AI: Sanlam Managed Risk Fund2017-07-30T22:00:00Z
Delivering Long-Term Results with a Risk-Managed Growth Fund Wall Street Transcript Interview.pdfDelivering Long-Term Results with a Risk-Managed Growth Fund2017-07-23T22:00:00Z
Machines to Manage the SMR Fund from Sanlam ARTICLE - MONEY WEB - Sanlam brings on the machines 0717.pdfMachines to Manage the SMR Fund from Sanlam2017-07-20T22:00:00Z
Sanlam Gives Control to AI to Manage their Fund ARTICLE - CITY WIRE - AM firm hands multi-asset fund to AI engine 0717.pdfSanlam Gives Control to AI to Manage their Fund2017-06-15T22:00:00Z
Money Management without Emotions Says Sanlam ARTICLE - MONEY INVESTING - Invest with the fund manager who has zero emotion 0717.pdfMoney Management without Emotions Says Sanlam2017-06-15T22:00:00Z

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