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Sanlam Wealth Accumulator Plan Sanlam Wealth Accumulator Plan


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Sanlam Wealth Accumulator Plan

The Sanlam Wealth Accumulator Plan is an offshore plan that provides intergenerational wealth transfer with investment options designed to manage the risk of investing in global markets.

It is good to know that the wealth investors have accumulated will be available for future generations. This plan will help give investors peace of mind knowing that their wealth will be preserved so that their beneficiaries will be taken care of when they are gone.

Investing offshore through a trust structure established in Bermuda provides stability and the opportunity to build a nest egg for future generations or for investors should they need it.

There are of course risks to investing in the global markets, but this plan offers investments designed to help manage that risk.


Benefits of Offshore Investing

Investing away from one’s own country of residence can have significant benefits, with many people choosing Bermuda.

Beneficial transfer of assets: The power to designate a beneficiary remains in the hands of the plan holder.

Trust Participation: Investments are held by a sub-trust formed in Bermuda on behalf of each investor, which ensures that all investments will be safeguarded and governed by Bermuda law. Assets are effectively insulated from the general creditors of the trustee and other sub-trusts.

Estate planning: Offshore investing via a trust structure allows beneficiaries to receive one’s assets without going through a possibly lengthy and expensive probate.

Asset protection: Assets in the plan are linked to a segregated account. The ability to maintain assets in a segregated account can be a very valuable tool as it insulates the assets from creditors of the company and other segregated accounts.

Stability: It is important to know that investments in the Plan are held in sub-trusts governed by the laws of Bermuda, a politically stable jurisdiction recognized as a premier blue-chip international business center.

Benefits of the Sanlam Wealth Accumulator Plan

In addition to the benefits of offshore investing through a Bermuda trust, the Plan also provides some exceptional features.

Wealth Transfer Benefit: Allows the transfer of never less than the initial investment amount between generations. Investment - managing risk: The Plan’s investment options, the Sanlam Smooth Portfolios, provide downside protection and upside participation with an additional layer of risk management based around an investor’s maximum capacity for loss.

World Class Service Providers: The custodian of the assets in each sub-trust is HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited and the trustee is Estera Services (Bermuda) Limited.

Stability: The Plan is made available by Sanlam Global Investment Solutions, Ltd., a member of Sanlam Group, and the services of world class companies are included in the Bermuda trust structure.

Plan Documentation

For further information on the Plan and all its features, including charges, liquidity, terms and investment options, please open the links below.

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