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We're in This Together

15 April 2020

South Africans are known for many things: resilience, tenacity, innovation and adaptability are a few words that come to mind. Very few can claim to have the same gees that we share when faced with challenges and adversity.

COVID-19 is but one challenge in a long line of challenges that we’ve faced. We believe that we’re in this together, and because of that, there’s no reason why we can’t emerge stronger, bolder, better and more colourful than ever before.

The Succession Financial Planning group is committed to supporting our people, first in this time of extended lockdown, and then after lockdown as life takes on a completely new structure. From adapting our work environments to ensure that our planners, our clients and our support staff are all safe and protected, being able to deliver and experience uncompromised excellence, through to continued communication and digital engagement to make sure we stay in touch.

It’s an easy time to feel fearful and have moments of panic – for all of us. Staying in touch and knowing what’s important and what’s going on is crucial to being in this together. It’s also important to create new routines and to stay flexible as life changes from week to week.

Here are some of our ideas to help us all work together towards this.

Accept That We’re in a Crisis

The next few months are going to be very different to what we thought. If we hold onto the expectations that we had earlier in this year, we stand a high chance of being met with constant frustration and disappointment. This applies to everything from family holidays to the performance of our investments.

Social media and online news channels are feeding us live updates of how the Novel Coronavirus is decimating health systems, educational systems, political systems and markets, whilst we’re also seeing amazing fortitude and social comradery rising up to meet the challenges.

Be Kind to Ourselves

Whether you’re staying at home or helping in essential services, our routines, roles and sense of worth are being challenged and redefined. It’s not as easy as saying that we’re working from home, or that it’s work as usual – because it’s not. Some of us are at home during the crisis, trying to work, while others are at work and cannot be at home with their families, also trying to work during a time of crisis.

We need to be patient and kind towards ourselves first so that we can be patient and kind towards others. Remember to laugh, set new goals and try to get enough sleep.

Stay Actively Engaged in Life Around You

As doors close in the weeks to come, we will be overwhelmed with new opportunities that will present themselves. This is the way it has always worked; if our eyes are downcast and our ears are closed to new conversations, we will miss these opportunities.

As we actively engage with those around us through this time we will be challenged to use new technologies, follow different schedules and upskill in new areas of proficiency.

This is how we will emerge stronger, bolder, better and more colourful than ever before. This is how we as families, businesses, communities and a nation will hold the rudder and adjust our sails to the prevailing winds. This is how we will steer our ship for the months to come and will charter new territory together.

You’re not alone. We’re in this, together.

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