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Getting Stronger Hurts

29 September 2020

Feeling sore after a workout is a common occurrence. As the saying goes, “No pain, no gain”.

But, not all pain is good and the risk of injury is often looming over a poorly planned workout regime. Many people approach their workouts haphazardly and are left disappointed when they don’t achieve the results they are seeking. This is where advice from a personal trainer has the most impact. Whether it is fitness or finances, an industry professional can reveal a wealth of pertinent information and guidance that can help you fulfil your goals.

Much like we do in a financial aspect, a trainer develops a personalised game plan based on your individual requirements. A balanced workout routine based on your physiology, a meal plan for your dietary needs and an overall strategy for achieving your goals. It is still up to you to follow the plan and endure the workout in order to see the growth that follows, but they are with you every step of the way. Some key benefits of having a personal trainer are:

Seeing better results, sooner

When left to our own devices we generally end up gravitating towards ‘the easy way’. Maybe 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill. A personal trainer will maximise your time at the gym, making sure you are doing the right exercises and using the proper equipment.

Setting realistic goals

Failing to achieve a fitness goal is disheartening and can create a mental barrier on our success. But, if you are planning on losing 10 kilograms in a week then you are asking for disappointment. A personal trainer helps establish realistic and healthy fitness goals.

Establishing lifelong habits

Fitness shouldn’t be viewed as a checkbox that you tick off once a week. A personal trainer can help their clients realise that their health should be a priority in their life and create a workout routine that caters to their lifestyle.

As financial planners, we believe that we share these benefits. We ensure that you are using the correct tools to maximise your gains, helping you see better results sooner. And our industry knowledge and experience positions us to help you set realistic and healthy goals.

Finance, much like fitness, is an ongoing campaign. It takes expert knowledge and a committed routine to achieve success. We are here to prevent you from overexerting yourself and help you move from strength to strength.

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