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How’s Your (Financial) Attitude?

13 July 2020

How we think, talk and interact with money reveals our attitude towards it. Our attitudes create a sort of relationship with our wealth, and much like a relationship... when you are on good terms it is easier to maintain and far more fulfilling!

In order to have a good relationship with money, we need to examine how we think about it and if it falls in line with a healthy financial mindset. Here are some perspectives to help us do that.

Money is a tool, not a result

Your money should be working for you, not the other way around. Investments are a great example of leveraging your money to work for you.

Many people think of financial wealth as an end result. However, we should not be looking at it as something that is gained and lost. It is better to view money as something that we use, an impetus for growth and prosperity, a tool. When we view it like this, we’re able to think, talk and act differently and make the most of what we have. If money is our end goal, we will never have enough.

“Money is only a tool. It will take you where you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver” – Ayn Rand

Your time is worth more than money

Our time is finite, it is the one truly valuable thing that we have to give. Youthfulness can often fool us into complacency. To prolong our time we must protect our health. Without health, every other aspect of your life will suffer – your family, career and finances.

Taking care of how you invest your time is possibly the most valuable gift you can give yourself. Value your time and spend it wisely.

“You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” – Jim Rohn

Take money off the emotional pedestal

Stress. Frustration. Worry. These are all words that we have heard associated with money. Placing money on an emotional pedestal can be a slippery slope. Money does not determine our self-worth and should not dictate our emotional state.

When catastrophe strikes it can be difficult to remove emotion from the situation, but if we are prepared, then it is easier to deal with. If you are not preventing catastrophes, you may be inadvertently creating them.

“If you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your money.” – Warren Buffett

If you are feeling emotional about your money, or if you want to protect your wealth, or if you feel like your wealth isn’t being utilised to its full potential, then let’s get in touch! Creating and maintaining a healthy financial attitude is not easy, don’t try to do it alone.

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