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Insecurity Can Lead to Insight

4 May 2022

It is normal to feel anxious, confused or stressed during times of insecurity and crisis. In fact, we might not entirely accept the fullness of a situation if we don’t feel emotionally engaged with it. These emotions do not make us weak; rather, they give us the chance to overcome our insecurity with the benefit of broader insight.

Our strength will be determined by our actions, not our emotions, in the aftermath of a crisis. It’s easy to fall prey to primitive emotions like panicked reactions and irrational decisions. However, if we take the time to think and reflect, we can gain better insight and perspective, making us less likely to make impulsive and reckless decisions.

As Marcus Aurelius once said, we should not let that which stands in the way become the way.

Although we are reluctant to change, humanity’s greatest strength is our ability to adapt and change our habits. There are no shortcuts out of a crisis; the best way to grow and strengthen is to persevere through the situation. Gaining valuable insight requires getting out of our comfort zone.

Luckily, the brain adapts faster when we are exposed to new routines and environments. Forming habits quicker and helping us to develop more authentic connections to our choices – this is how we make our own way and don’t let the problems and challenges in our lives dictate how we choose to live our lives.

This is where we discover our strengths. We can live a happier life by identifying our strengths and moving into areas where we can use them. Whilst your crisis may have significantly changed life as you knew it, it may also be an opportunity to step out, step up and step into a more satisfying life.

It is also healthy to try and keep a balanced view of our progress. But it’s easy to get so caught up in the goal we want to achieve that it becomes difficult to see how far we’ve come.

This is one of the biggest pitfalls of gradual adaptation; we forget to look both behind and ahead and only look at where we are and how far we think we still have to go. We undervalue the insight that we’ve already gained.

If you’re struggling to adapt or feel that you’ve made impulsive and reckless decisions, you can be confident that you have the power to make changes, overcome obstacles, and do things differently. Both failure and success can increase our insight.

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