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It’s About the Team, Not the Race

4 May 2022

When it comes to succeeding in life, it’s easy for us to get stuck focusing on our own performance and feeling like we’re in a solo race. At SFP, we’ve found that those who join a winning team experience considerably more success than those who try to go it alone.

Take dog sled racing, for example. At an awards banquet for a dog sled race, the highest standing ovation goes not to the actual winner but to the winning team. Ultimately, they celebrate teamwork, cooperation and community. Dogs sled racing is a highly competitive sport, and it takes a lot of time, effort, and money to create a winning combination of dogs, gear, and strategy.

The endurance of sled dogs is tested in a race. It is all about the uphill battles, being strong, and being agile, but most importantly, it is all about efficiency over time and working together as a team.

Each race dog plays a different role. The leaders are the dogs at the front, and they need to read the musher’s signals and direct the team behind them. The lead dog is accompanied by two swing dogs who help navigate around tricky turns. The middle dogs, also known as team dogs, are the powerhouses of the team. The wheel dogs, the strongest of the pack, are placed at the very back.

While it might appear from the outside that the lead dogs pull the most, they are powerfully supported by their entire team.

Our approach to supporting you in your life race is very similar. SFP has a wealth of knowledge and experience for long-term financial planning. We strongly believe in cohesion, values, and lasting partnerships with clients. SFP offers more than the knowledge and experience of just one person; you can tap into the expertise of the whole SFP team when you become a client.

Sled dogs want to RUN. It’s up to the musher to decide when it’s time to stop and when to go. A stake is driven into the snow to put brakes on so that the sled can’t move. When the dogs perceive that the musher is getting ready to set off, they all jump up and point forward. They are prepared to race, and the ropes are pulled tight. The only reason the sled doesn’t fly on is because of the stake in the ground. At SFP, we don’t make a move without your permission or your intentional direction.

When you work with our team, you have a skilled and alert group of professionals who will work with you to achieve your end goals, moving at your pace and in your direction. We know that it is possible to achieve great results when people work together.

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