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The Sled Dog Concept

4 June 2020

Sled dog racing is an intensely competitive sport. Participants spend massive amounts of time, effort and money to achieve a winning combination of dogs, gear and strategy. You may find it surprising that at an awards banquet for a sled dog race, the largest standing ovation goes to the person winning the best-kept team, rather than to the actual winner of the race. The competition, although individualistic, celebrates cooperation, community and teamwork.

A sled dog race is a performance of endurance. It is about uphill battles, being strong and being agile, but above all, it is about efficiency over the long term and working cohesively as a team. At SFP, we know a lot about preparing for the long term, and our philosophy is based on a cohesion of values and creating lasting partnerships with our clients.

Each dog within the racing pack has a unique role. At the front are the lead dogs, they must be the most intuitive to catch subtle signals from the musher (racer) and direct the team behind them. Behind the lead dog are two swing dogs that help navigate tricky turns. The middle dogs are team dogs, which act as the crucial power to the entire team. Placed at the very back are the wheel dogs, the very strongest of the pack.

It may look from the outside as though the lead dogs are doing most of the pulling, while they are actually being supported by the whole team behind them. When you become a client of SFP, you benefit from more than the knowledge of a single professional – you harness the expertise of the entire SFP team.

Sled dogs are a breed of high-class athletes. They want to RUN. It is up to the musher to decide when it is time to stop and when to go. To put the brakes on a sled, a stake is driven into the snow so the sled can’t move.

When the dogs perceive that the musher is getting ready to set off, they all jump up and point forward. They are ready to race and the ropes are pulled tight. The only reason the sled doesn't fly forward is because of the stake in the ground.

The potential of a team all pulling their weight in the same direction is immense. Sometimes all you need to do is take up the reins and release the brakes.

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