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Trim the Fat, Not the Meat

5 August 2021

In a recent series of blogs, we have looked at areas in our personal finances where we can either tighten our belts or simply become more aware of how and why we are spending our money.

Our first blog considered how to trim the fat off our travelling expenses. With lockdowns in both our rear-view mirror and on the road ahead, lifestyles have changed, and our behaviours have changed. With these changes come changes in our money: how we earn it, how we spend it and how we invest it for the future.

The second blog looked at trimming the fat on how we subscribe and pay for monthly services that we may no longer need. From exercise to entertainment, we looked at some of the most common ways our clients can curb costly commitments that no longer serve them.

In this blog – we look at trimming the fat from how we plan and prepare our meals. Apart from the medical benefits (read: lower health costs) of literally trimming the fat from our meals, we will focus on trimming the proverbial fat and saving funds whilst serving more food.

Cook more than one meal at a time

Electricity rates are increasing almost every month, and the cost of turning on the stove to cook a quick meal can no longer be overlooked. When cooking more than one meal at a time, you save the expense that it takes to boil a pot or warm the oven – which could save up to six hours of electricity a week.

In addition to saving on energy costs, you can also divide cooked food into several different dishes. One pot of boiled potatoes or a tray of roasted goodies can easily go into a pie, a soup and a ‘potjie’. Planning your meals ahead of time enables you to save money, avoid last-minute trips to the shops and serve tasty dinners every day.

Reduce eating out and takeaways

Another benefit of planning your meals and cooking for more than one day at a time, is that you can reduce the time spent at the drive-through or on the Uber Eats app. Eating out always lands up costing us extra. It saves us stress, but it eats into our monthly expenses faster than the fast food itself.

Start a herb and veg garden

A little more unconventional than the previous two ideas, many families have abandoned the traditional roots of growing their own food. Convenience stores and grocers have made it all too easy to buy the fresh herbs and greens we need, rather than grow them in our gardens or create vertical and indoor options at home.

From hydroponics to window boxes, there are so many fun, stress-relieving ideas that can help us enjoy organic food without the high costs. If you have some other good ideas – we’d love to hear them.

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